About our yarns

Our yarns are naturally dyed – which means that we dye them using plants and minerals with no chemicals added, in the same way like people did hundreds years ago and how they still do in traditional cultures.



This allows us to receive dozens of magnificent, unique colours – there are no two the same dye baths, just as there are no two identhical plants, even if they belong to the same species.


But don't worry, we usually have stocks of yarns big enough to allow you make even very big sweater in the same colour!


We named our shop Medieval Colours, because our main inspiration is heritage and history – especially Medieval history. We receive colours from plants traditionally used for dyeing for centuries, some of them we pick by hand in meadows and forests, other ones we order from like-minded people (those lucky ones with herbal garden).
Tansy, madder, woad, weld, gallnuts...and dozens of other plants, everyone of them has its own tale. Would you like to have knitted gloves in the very same colour as a Viking Jarl tunic? Or maybe make a scarf from yarn dyed in a plant which was used by monks in Middle Ages to make ink?
These ones and many more, you will find in our Shop.


Natural methods of dyeing are far more friendly for enviroment – we use limited amounts of water and heat and no harmful chemicals! Our plants are bought from gardeners or picked from nature with big care (we pick only plants being common species). So if you choose naturally dyed yarn you choose ecology as well.


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