Talks & Workshops

We are experienced natural dyers, happily sharing our knowledge with the others. If you would like to practice with us and gain some knowledge, we can organise natural dyeing workshop or talk for you. No matters if you are absolute beginner or more advanced dyer – the most important is passion!


Form and subject of workshop or/and talk is prepared individually, depends from your needs and number of people willing to learn.

What we can teach you?
  • finding and picking dyeing plants
  • mordanting and its influence on colours
  • dyeing different types of fibers (e.g. wool, silk, linen, cotton)
  • period dyeing – picking right plants and dyeing methods for certain time period, e.g. Medieval Dyeing workshop
  • ...and much, much more!

We can provide fibres (silk or/and wool, in form of yarn or/and ready fabric) up to 100 g per person, you can also use your own items (up to 100 g of weight).

To ask about details, please contact us.