Dyeing for order

We accept individual orders for dyeing. With natural dyes we are able to obtain wide range of bright, unique colours.

Here you can see a few things dyed to order of our customers.

What we dye?

We can dye fleeceyarn or ready fabric, provided by you or by us (if you are looking for a certain type of fabric, yarn, etc., let us know, we can help you).

  • Natural dyes are perfect for use on animal fibres, like wool and silk, and we can receive the best results on them.
  • We don't recommend the usage of plant fibres: linen and cotton, it is possible to receive colours on them but they would be pale and will fade more quickly.
  • Artificial fibres like polyester are impossible to dye using natural methods.
    If you would like to order or have any extra questions please contact us.