Dyeing for order

We accept individual orders for dyeing. Using natural dyes we are able to obtain wide range of bright, unique colours – here you have some examples, all from our dyeing. 

What we dye?
We can dye fleece, yarn or ready fabric, provided by you or by us (if you are looking for certain type of fabric, yarn, etc., let us know, we can help you).
  • Natural dyes are perfect for use on animal fibres, like wool and silk, and we can receive best results on them.
  • We don't recommend usage of plant fibres: linen and cotton, it is possible to receive colours on them but they would be pale and will fade more quickly.
  • Artifical fibres like polyester are impossible to dye using natural metods.
If you would like to order or have any extra questions please contact us.
Note: Be aware that because of nature of natural dyeing technique received colours may be slightly different from chosen sample colour.