Light Pink (Madder&Apples) Yarn

Light Pink (Madder&Apples) Yarn

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100% wool from Cheviot sheep, mordanted in apples and dyed in madder (Rubia tinctoria) root.

Thickness: Aran

Perfect for knitting, crocheting and naalbinding!

About the yarn:
The Cheviot originated in the Cheviot Hills, on the border of England and Scotland. They did well in those bleak, windswept conditions. They were first described aboud 1370 as 'a small but hardy race'. The Cheviot ewe can be found grazing up to 3,000 feet and is expected to live off the hill throughout the year. Nowadays they are appreciated and kept all over the UK.

About the dyestuff:

This dark pink comes from madder (Rubia tinctoria) root and chopped apples (yes, we love experiments!).

Apples as a mordant have been used in traditional natural dyeing of Eastern European folk. We connected them with madder and bit of iron to receive this wonderful dark pink.
A bit about madder: it is one of the most ancient dyes (it was used by the early Egyptians, and the Greek and Romans). In Medieval times madder root was traded in markets all over Europe – especially in France and England. In York up to now exist part of city known as a „Madder Market”. Red colour from madder was loved by Vikings. Among them red clothes were wear even by kings, and often given as a precious gift.