Red (Madder) Bulky Yarn

Red (Madder) Bulky Yarn

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100% wool from Shetland sheep, dyed in madder (Rubia tinctorum) root.

Thickness: Bulky/Super Chunky
Perfect especially for naalbinding, good also for knitted and crocheted winter garments.

About the yarn:
Shetland sheep breed is one of the most primitive breeds, which descends from ancient Scandinavian sheep. It provides very fine wool, perfect not just for reenactment garment!

About the dyestuff:
Madder is one of the most ancient dyes (it was used by the early Egyptians, and the Greek and Romans). In Medieval times madder root was traded in markets all over Europe – especially in France and England. The red colour from madder was loved by Vikings. Among them, red clothes were worn even by kings, and often given as a precious gift.